With a combination of supply sources both in Canada and the U.S., we are able to provide uninterrupted fuel supply at competitive prices via barge or truck. Crevier Aviation offers favorable credit terms and is committed to unsurpassed customer service at all times. For more information or specifications on specific products, please see the product pages.

  • Jet A and Jet A1

    (for fixed or rotary wing needs)

  • Jet B

    (supports all your cold climate fuel needs)

  • AvGas

    (for fixed or rotary wing needs)

  • Fuels

    (high quality fuels and diesels at very affordable prices)

  • Lubricants

    (high quality product available through our network)

  • Storage system

    (large variety of services for all your storage needs)

  • Drumming

    (An alternative to bulk delivery, whether for remote sites or to respond to your request)