Our company

Crevier Aviation


Crevier Aviation was born of a business partnership between PetroValue and Groupe Crevier. Founded in 1998 as an independent aviation fuel distributor, PetroValue has become a Canadian leader in its field. To gain a more significant presence in eastern Canada, it joined its forces with a partner that has a proven track record in the fuel market, Groupe Crevier.

Crevier Aviation offers quality at all price points. We strive for excellence through infallible methods, constant attention to detail and improvement, as well as unique and innovative ways of doing things.

Mission and Value

Through its expertise, reliability and flexibility, Crevier Aviation provides guaranteed, uninterrupted supply of quality fuels in the aviation industry. The company aim to establish long-term relationships with its clients and business partners through mutual trust, transparency and integrity in all our actions.

Short historical overview of Groupe Crevier

Founded in 1945 by Émile Crevier, Pétroles Crevier initially focused on the heating oil retail market. In 1952, the company redirected its activities towards gasoline and diesel wholesale to independent resellers in Montreal’s West Island. In the mid-1980’s, the company further expanded its activities to supply independent gas station owners under the Crevier brand of service stations. It is around this time that a second Crevier generation joined the family business.

In 1988, Lubrifiants Saint-Laurent Inc. (LSL) was created as a subsidiary for the purpose of specializing in the distribution of lubricants to service stations and commercial and industrial clients. Pétroles Crevier thus became one of the largest independent oil companies in Quebec. It now has some 240 gasoline retailers in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

In 2009, the LSL subsidiary acquired Chevron’s activities in Longueuil and it entered into a strategic partnership with Chevron by becoming a 1st Source marketer for eastern Canada.

In 2012, within the framework of a structural reorganization aimed at facilitating business and market expansion, Lubrifiants Saint-Laurent Inc. changed its name to become Crevier Lubricants Inc.

In 2013, a new challenge opened up for Groupe Crevier with the creation of a division of aviation fuel. This division will be represented under the name Crevier Aviation.